Dear Volunteer,

Thank you for your interest in becoming a volunteer for our organization. We rely heavily on individuals like you and we are always interested in new recruits.

Of course, our needs vary greatly but in general we are looking for help in all aspects of our program. You would be assigned to various tasks depending on your skills, your interest in a particular face of the AIDS problem, and the length of your commitment. The home visitor program, for example, would not be suitable for anyone mot planning to stay for several months, at least, because the success of the program depends on establishing ongoing relationships with our clients. There are, however, other opportunities without this restriction.

Knowledge of some Spanish is highly recommended but not required. Most islanders speak a little English. Bring a dictionary.

No particular experience is required but anything helps. You will want to educate yourself on AIDS and AIDS issues, particularly problems faced by third world countries. There are many books on the subject. The internet is also a valuable resource.

Our primary focus at this time is to reduce the rate of mother-to-child transmission of the AIDS virus, both before and after birth. We will be running testing clinics throughout Roatan and the surrounding Bay Islands. Testing, of course, is voluntary so part of our job is marketing the idea to pregnant women. AIDS remains very much a stigma here in Honduras so getting the cooperation of these women is of paramount importance.

We can also use office help, assistance with our donations, organizational support in setting up our clinics, and a multitude of odd jobs including simple cleaning and day-to-day office tasks.

Mothers, babies and children are regular visitors at the office. Be prepared to interact with clients (in Spanish and English). You may want to become familiar with common pediatric health concerns, for example, colds and flu, cough, runny nose, and fever, as many clients will ask your advice in these areas. As our organization does HIV testing and partners with a pre/post natal care organization, be prepared to see urine, blood and other bodily fluids.

A few things to consider before deciding to join us:

Item Lempiras US Dollars Canadian Dollars
Plate of Island Food 45 2.35 2.76
  60 3.18 3.74
  100 5.30 6.23
Taxi (you’ll take a taxi at least twice a day) Depends on destination. 20 1.06 1.24
Cell Phone 1000 54.00 58.00
Phone Card  min 25 1.33 1.50
Large Bottled Water (for your home)  25 1.33  1.50
Small Bottled Water (500 mL)  18 1.00  1.20
Internet (in café) per hour  50 2.66 2.99
International Phone calls per min.  19 1.00  1.20
Hotel (until you find permanent accommodation)   25 - 50 29 - 59

Because Roatan is also a world-class dive center, with a wonderful reef right off thecoast and some outstanding beaches, you can probably have a great vacation in your free time. We do have a few rules:

I hope this information has been beneficial to you and that you still have an interest in joining us. Please let us know if you have any questions.